What is it?

The Kemetamorphsosis Conference aims to share exciting information and pioneering projects that are illuminating deeper dimensions of the origins of civilization and the current shift in humanity’s consciousness from an African-centered perspective.

The recent Nile Valley Conference, in which all 3 of our upcoming speakers presented, has helped reignite the the fire fueling the study and application of ancient African history and culture.

Conference Speakers Include:

Egyptologist Robert Bauval (bio): “The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt”

Scholar Charles Finch, III (bio): “Report on Recent Nile Valley Conference

Cultural Memory Specialist Anthony Browder (bio): “Update on ASA Restoration Project

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This is a WHMY MSU (return to the source). An act of Sankofa (to fetch what was lost) or “retroactive rememberance” in the words of Tony Browder.

The ultimate goal is to apply the lessons of the past to the present moment, in order to build for a prosperous future for people of African descent as well as all of humanity.

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About the Confererence: An annual conference celebrating ancient Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) culture, philosophy and spirituality. This conference highlights the cultural awareness one is empowered with after traveling to Egypt (Kemet) or studying its ancient history, and provides resources to help expand one’s knowledge and cultural growth.

So, what is a Kemetamorphosis?

If this term were in the dictionary, it would read:


Pronounced: [keh-met-uh-mawr-fuh-sis]

–noun, plural

1.Deriving from two words:

Kemet, the original name of the ancient civilization we now know as Egypt, which literally means “Nation of Black people,” and

Metamorphosis, meaning a process of evolution and transformation.

2. A process involving Sankofa (West African term meaning “to go back and fetch” one’s ancestoral culture) and WHMY MSU (Kemetic term meaning “Repetition of the birth”).

3. Psychology/Cultural Awareness. A profound change in cultural awareness from one stage to the next in the cultural evolution of an American African.

4.  An ongoing change of form, structure, or substance, as transformation by learning about Kemet (Ancient Egypt) and/or travel to Kemet, sharing this experience with others and inviting them to do the same.

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